Played ad nauseam by the 2011 Athens Drive winter line, Seven 8&25 (2011) is an ensemble warm-up built from a seven-stroke rolls exercise and the ever-famous 8&25. I couldn't help but quote the end of my high school's triplet diddles exercise (by Will Goodyear)... it's hip.

The first half of the piece emphasizes the attacks of roll figures; the first triplet diddle is either on a downbeat or an eighth note upbeat. The second half emphasizes quality and endurance... mostly endurance, but we all love 8&25, right?


Meter Trip (2009) focuses on transitions between sixteenth-note doublestrokes and triplet diddles. The bass part could probably be embellished a lot more for variety, and the ending is abrupt and uninspired, so this is more of an idea for a warm-up than it is a complete piece. I never used it, but I intended to use it in a setting where the disparity in demand between the basses and upper battery would have been appropriate (i.e. young bass line, so basic metric transitions).