This High Five (2007) is the original exercise that the paradiddles warm-up was based on. This version is an onfield warm-up that I wrote while I was in high school. It has a sort of Ditty vibe to it, and it’s big, choppy, and nuts. This was my pride and joy on the very first incarnation of fatmattdrums, and I think it still stacks up pretty well against the rest of my work.


Flam That! (2007) is a ram with a funky, swung feel that plays with different drag interpretations within flam rudiments.

I imagine that it would be very difficult to get a line to play this piece; however, I think it is worthy of study (at least) as a snare drum étude.


East Coast (2007) is another onfield warm-up I wrote. It’s not nearly as good as High Five, and it’s well short of 60 seconds, but there are still some interesting moments in this piece, so it might be worthy of study.