Cool beats, expertise, or a fresh perspective...


While the demands of work and family life have put an end to my time in the trenches as a battery instructor, I still offer my talent, experience, and expertise in the field of marching percussion as a composer, arranger, educator, and consultant. 

Having performed and instructed at the high school, university, and independent levels, I may be able to help if you are looking for an extra brain and extra pair of eyes/ears/hamds for a variety of needs, such as... 

•If you want an exercise repertoire developed specifically for your drumline, or would like help in developing your own.

•If you want to commission a piece for your drumline: for example, an onfield warm-up, or a marching cadence, tailored to your students' skill level and pedagogical needs. 

•If you want battery parts arranged for your show music or stands tunes, crafted specifically for your ensemble. 

•If you would like a feature or solo section written for your ensemble, or would like some well-written licks from which to build a feature. 

•If you would like a particular piece re-arranged to accommodate time constraints or a different skill level. 

•If you are interested in Skype lessons for rudimental drumming or regarding any of the material on this site, from specific ideas to my approach to composition and arranging. 


Compensation will depend on the nature of the project and the timetable for completion, but my rates are reasonable.  All music engraving will be of the highest quality, typeset for clarity and readability. 

If you are inspired by the ideas and challenges I present on this website, I can also be available for Skype lessons.


To get in touch to discuss a potential project as well as rates and a time table, contact: 

                                            Dr. Matthew Lemieux