A “mantra” is a word or short phrase that is repeated—repeatedly—with the goal of creating transformation within the speaker in order to attain enlightenment. In the spirit of that concept, this volume consists of extremely short exercises that can be repeated over and over again, in order to reinforce the physical, mental, and musical skills that are essential for a truly versatile rudimental drummer.

The sixteen exercises in this volume cover different rudimental applications, and each exercise is accompanied by its title, a loosely-associated word or concept for your consideration, and a recommended tempo range. This packet is light on words because the point point of the “mantras” approach is not for you to listen to me; the point is for you to listen to you. Repetition and self-evaluation are the name of the game. Everything you see in this volume was the result of careful consideration, and I hope that it will help you on your path to enlightenment!

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